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Insist on innovation, focus on quality. Our main products are including: 100% Polyester Series, Polyester staple fiber, Viscose rayon embroidery Series, Nylon Series, Other Sewing Series, Color Card Series, Accessories Series.

More Featured Product Series

We have a wide range of products. In addition to polyester series, we also have a variety of high-quality,
cost-effective sewing threads that can meet your diversified needs.

Spun polyester sewing thread
spun polyester sewing thread
100% DTY overlocking yarn
Polyester embroidery thread
100% Spun Polyester Sewing Thread Colour Card
About us

Since 1980

Founded in 1980, As a professional

polyester staple fiber manufacturers and polyester staple fiber suppliers in China

, ZheJiang KENKING Industrial Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of various yarns. Products include High-tenacity Polyester thread, polyester staple fiber, Nylon thread, Bonded thread etc. It has been engaged in self-support import and export business since 1997. After more than 40 years of development, it has become one of the world's thread-making enterprises.
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The Industries We Serve

Garment Industry

Polyester series are widely used in all kinds of c...

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Furniture Fabrics

There are a lot of our products that need to be us...

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Cotton Socks

All kinds of textile products can use our products...

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